About Us

Back in the midst of 2007, two people met up for a business alliance. Escaping from an environment these two gentlemen joined hands to take out some time from their work towards working creativity with passion. Thus Escape Animation was born.

Today, Escape Animation is a full fledged studio with 5 people dedicating their time and effort on their common goal.Animation is just a part of the company. Besides, Escape Animation in a short span of time became a place to explore more creative ideas and produce better digitally and animation correct contents both for kids and adults.

Why not share the idea of animation with others!! Yes, that’s how Escape Animation embarked on providing the guide lines to the upcoming animators and passionate people who have seen a future in animation industry.

When it comes to quality, creativity and affordability, Escape Animation is the name that will not escape your mind. Whether its animation or a course or design products we make no compromises.